Some members of the network have contributed a bio to this welcome pack.  We hope this helps you become familiar with some of us! 

Name: Ruth
Role: Recruitment and Inclusion Officer, Touchstone

I’m Ruth and my pronouns are they/them.  I’m gay and non-binary, I love crafting with my friends, charity shopping, and eating good food.

I believe that service users and community members should be central to deciding the kind of mental health support provided, and how it is provided.  And I’m hugely passionate about working towards a society that is kinder to everyone and supports us to help us all thrive.

I’ve been using mental health services since I was 19 and I find that the combination of person-centred therapy and anti-depressant medication works the best for me.  I also have dyspraxia and hypermobile spectrum disorder, and I identify as disabled.

From March 2021 – November 2022, I was the Coproduction Administrator in the Inclusion Team at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service.  I now have another role in Touchstone as a Recruitment and Inclusion Officer, but I am still a keen member of the Coproduction Network.

Name: Beth
Role: Coproduction Coordinator

Hi, my name’s Beth and my pronouns are she/her. I’m the Coproduction Coordinator for Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service and I’ve been working in the service since January 2020, initially as a Mental Health Support Worker. 

During my time working for the service, I have been really keen to make a difference to the way the system works – having experienced mental health difficulties throughout my life, and having accessed services myself, I feel very strongly about the importance of services being shaped by those who use them, and making them more accessible and useful for everyone. 

I’m really into reading, writing, making art, cooking, going to museums and galleries, being outdoors and hanging out with friends.  

Name: Steph

Hi! I’m Steph, and my pronouns are she/ her. I love playing games with my friends and exploring new places and trying new things. I formerly worked as the Peer Support and Coproduction Administrator in the Inclusion Team in Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service.  

I have experiences of poor mental health since I was a teenager and have had chronic pain for 4 years. I am deeply passionate about inclusion and equality and making the world a more accessible place for everyone. 

Name: Jess  

My name is Jess and my pronouns are she/her. I joined the Coproduction Project Team as a community member in March 2022. I’m a writer and a historian, and I love pottering in the garden or on the allotment. I have been accessing mental health services since I was in my twenties.  

Name: Finn
Role: Peer Support Worker – LMWS; Mental Health Worker – Connecting Opportunities

I’m Finn and my pronouns are they/them.  I’m a Peer Support Worker in the Inclusion Team in Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service.  I’ve been a user of mental health services on and off for the past 20 years, and feel strongly about the ways they need to change to better serve the people that use them.  I’ve been in the coproduction network now for over 2 years and have really enjoyed the work I’ve been involved in with Leeds LGBT+ Minds.  In my spare time I like reading, going for walks, making textile arts, and getting involved with LGBT+ events in Leeds.