Touchstone IAPT would like to share some words of support and love on Love a Muslim Day.
I place immense value on the contribution of the Muslim community to Leeds and indeed to the whole country.
At work I value and respect the immense contributions made by colleagues across the whole range of Touchstone services, from the Senior Management Team to the amazing diversity of our front line staff and Volunteers.
What Touchstone offers to all the communities of Leeds whether they are defined in terms of religion, culture, ethnic background or socio economic status would be much diminished without the amazing input of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers.
At Touchstone I have been lucky enough to work closely with many Muslim colleagues through the years, people I have worked alongside as their Manager or been Managed by , people who I learned and learn from every day. I learn many many things, but perhaps most of all I learn from how my Muslim Colleagues bring their beliefs and values to bear in their everyday life, both inside and outside work.
When Touchstone IAPT started in 2009 I felt blessed to have both Razia and Aasha in the team. Today, I feel equally blessed that the team and the service gains from the immense presence, commitment and input of Ruqayyah, Gul and Morteza. I also feel proud that the team were able to support Samiya and Irum to become PWPS serving the diverse communities of Leeds and Bradford.
I also feel immensely proud of Touchstones partnership with MEND.
The list goes on but….
Without all the above people and groups,  my working life at Touchstone and indeed my life would have been radically diminished.
So I want to give thanks to and support the whole of the Muslim community on this day of celebration of how communities can stand together.
Love and respect.
I appreciate my Muslim work colleagues, who are kind, professional, funny, wise and an asset to the team. I appreciate the Muslims I met on Saturday in Dewsbury to protest against the recent threats made.
I love working with my Muslim colleagues-I feel privileged to work with such a diverse team.  I have learnt so much about the Muslim faith down to the Muslim staff in the team being so open about their faith. Thank you!!!
I really love and value my Muslim friends because they are kind and generous people, who show me ways that I can develop a greater level of self discipline that could transform my life for the better.
I wish happiness and peace to my Muslim friends! You are warm-hearted, thoughtful and kind and I have great respect for your strength and resilience.
Collaboratively written by staff at Touchstone IAPT