Some of our service userss and therapists
Some feedback from a Positive Care Programme service user…
Just a few lines to show my appreciation to the Positive Care Programme, which I have just completed. First and foremost I feel I am a much more positive person both in body and mind. When I fist attended the programme I had been off work for 17 months and I was using a walking stick. I felt unhappy, lacked confidence and had a general “can’t be bothered” attitude to life. Now that I have gone through the 20 week programme, I no longer use my walking stick and I have a positive outlook to life.
I learnt how to benefit from Tai Chi in order to help my body and mind to relax. The Dru Yoga classes showed me the best way to stretch and relax muscles. The group classes were also very interesting, interacting with other group members and discussing various topics. I very much enjoyed all the arts and crafts groups, painting and making paper mashe’ Christmas decorations.
Artwork created on the Positive Care Programme
As a result of those classes I am now a regular at the various hobby and craft shops in Leeds. I would also like to mention my employer who allowed me to attend while still on a phased return to work plan. I know that they have noticed the benefits of the programme in my general attitude to work. Once again a big, big thank you to all the Tutors and Therapists and not forgetting the other group members. My life seems so much brighter and I have taken a great deal from this programme. I feel I have a purpose in life and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in a similar place to where I used to be.