Every year from the 25th November (International Day to End Violence Against Women) till the 10th December (Human Rights Day) groups around the world campaign to highlight the high incidence of violence aimed at women and girls and encourage everyone to take a part of the responsibility for stopping it.
Touchstone wants to stand alongside all those others, to offer support to victims and to those who want to change their behaviour or to educate others.
It’s not an issue that goes away for the rest of the year, but through coming together at this time to highlight it, individuals and organisations can hope to reach as many people as possible.
Here’s links to some resources on the 16 Days, on the nature and scale of violence against women and on the kind of action you can take to help raise awareness…

There’ll be even more links on our Twitter account over the next 16 days.
If you need help and support around domestic violence right now, here are details of services inĀ Leeds and Kirklees.