Volunteers play an important role in supporting the Liaison and Diversion service, both in the community and in the custody suite. Volunteers provide variety to our service and, in return, experience with us enables them to get closer to their goals.
One of our volunteers joined us as his goal was to change career and become a support worker. We are delighted that he has now been recruited to the role of Project Worker with the service, as he has achieved his goal and we have gained a high quality and well trained staff member!
As one staff member said: “Each volunteer brings something different to the team; they bring a variety of qualities and skills that may differ from those that we get from staff. It is helpful being able to double up on visits with the volunteers, meaning it not only benefits our service but they can also gain invaluable experience working with and supporting L&D clients. I also think the volunteers are very enthusiastic about their role and it is clear they are keen to learn, which has a positive impact on our team and the service we provide.”
Another staff member said: “All the volunteers are different and all bring different skills and experiences. I think they’re amazing for giving up their time to help us out”
One of the Liaison and Diversion volunteers said: “Volunteering at Elland Road has been an incredibly positive experience for me. Everybody I have come into contact with has been extremely supportive, and it has provided me with new experiences and broadened my horizons.”