All Services in Wakefield

Liaison and Diversion (L&D) services identify people who have mental health, learning disability, substance misuse or other vulnerabilities when they first come into contact with the criminal justice system as suspects, defendants or offenders.

Shafa works with people form the South Asian community who have offended. We support people to access local resources, including employment, training, education and housing. We help people to address family relationship issues and substance misuse and will support people to recognise and address their triggers for offending behaviour. We focus on well being, health, housing, relationships, family, cultural considerations, employment and training.

Touchstone Loves the Arts is the home for all Touchstone’s work within the arts for mental health and wellbeing. We support service users and members of communities that Touchstone serves to develop projects, workshops, and other arts interventions with the aims of promoting well-being and preventing mental health issues through creativity across West Yorkshire.

The Wakefield Safe Space is open to anyone in mental health crisis. We provide a safe place for people in crisis to go and to prevent avoidable attendances at A&E. We are open 7 nights a week to anyone aged 16+ from the Wakefield District and the 5 towns. This a partnership between Touchstone and Gasped.

The Wakefield Community Enablement Team is a community-based support service which will support individuals with multiple and complex mental health needs to enable you to live independently within your own community. This service is funded by NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.

This project works with people with lived experience and our partners across all sectors to understand the current experience of users and families of Autism and ADHD services and assess ways of improving services and addressing social inequalities faced by neurodivergent people.

Touchstone will be responsible for the co-production element of the project, ensuring voices from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences are involved in every aspect of the project.