The reason behind why I feel music is important is I see it as a massive lifesaver throughout the ups and downs of my life and a major beneficial factor towards helping me to remain focused and overcome the battles I have faced.

The other big reason for why I feel music is vital to me is that I feel if I’m having a ‘off day‘ whether that be due to mental health or any other reason, music is a handy tool to have within my coping strategies. I use it to take my mind away from overthinking situations and it also helps me to keep relaxed and provides me with a level headed approach in making the next decision. One of my support strategies is to follow my step by step approach to ‘pick myself back up and go again’. In essence, I:

  • Stop
  • Reflect
  • Draw a line (accept responsibility when necessary)
  • Start a fresh

I generally listen to music such as RNB, rap and preferred mix of genres including older songs or new songs depending on who the artist is singing the song and if I can relate to the lyrics and relate them to the good times and other memories .

People have questioned me why I use music the way I do before activities such as football, the gym, important meetings or groups that I am associated with. Here  I tell them that music helps me to:

  • Get in my zone
  • Remain focused
  • Keep my head in a good space
  • Remain relaxed and chilled out
  • Keeps my mood positive
  • Makes me enjoy and look forward to the activity

Finally, I listen to music for a long period of time on an evening when its time for bed as that’s me recognising its time to wind down, get myself comfortable, relax and chill out.  This allows my head to go into my own little world but in a good space and I can start to look forward to things that are upcoming.