To mark World Alzheimer’s Day (21st September), Ripaljeet Kaur has provided this case study of one of the clients supported by Touchstone’s BME Dementia Service

Mrs B was referred into the service by another organisation. She lives with her daughter-in-law, who is her full time carer, as well as her son and grandson. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005 and never accessed any support since then. She is very attached to her carer and won’t accept any help from anyone else.
Mrs B attends a religious centre twice a week. She doesn’t speak English and requires constant care and attention from her carer and family. Upon first visit, it was clear that the family who have been caring for her in this condition for the last 7 years were in complete despair as they received no respite and their quality of life was very poor, not remembering the last time they had had a break.
At the time of referral they were receiving support from another worker in terms of reading letters, making appointments etc. After an assessment, the following actions were agreed for both Mrs B and her carer:

  • Carer was referred for six free complementary therapy sessions.
  • Client received reduction in council tax and receives attendance allowance.
  • Carer received 6 free complementary sessions at home, which have had positive effect on her health.
  • Client received sitting service but, had to stop because Mrs B was getting very agitated from the visits.
  • Worked with social worker to apply for personal budget and was successful in receiving it. The payment was used to pay a family friend to provide sitting service for the client which proved very successful.


Carers statement

 “My mother-in-law really struggled with someone from outside coming in and providing the sitting service.  She would get very agitated during the visits so, we decided to stop the service for her benefit. Even though the sitter was from the same cultural background as us but, still my mother-in-law would not cooperate with her. But, applying for personal budget has really made our lives easier.  My mum connected to the sitter, who is a family friend. Now, she receives service 3 times a week which gives me a break from a very demanding role. The personal budget has made massive difference to not just my life as a carer but to the whole family as well as my mums. I am very grateful to my dementia worker and social worker for all the support and help.”