May 28th 2018 is World Hunger day – a day designed to promote awareness of the simple and tragic fact that 800 Million people in the world do not have enough food to eat.
The statistics are shocking. Have a read, digest the numbers involved and share with friends and colleagues..…
The 28th is of course a bank holiday in the UK.  Many of us will be taking time with our families to share a moment and to share some food. For many others in the UK this will be a struggle. You can read about hunger in the UK here:
World Hunger day is organised by The hunger project, a non for profit group founded in 1977 whose aim is to find a tenable solution to world hunger.
They are looking for support. Donations are welcome.
They also have a donation page where families, friends, colleagues, groups and individuals have been inspired to fundraise and have pooled their sponsor’s donations. At the time of writing they are £3,500 short of their £10,000 target
More info for anyone with creative ideas can be found here…
let’s spread the word and help build awareness
Written by Paul Parker