Ok, so you’re reading a blog about mindfulness, maybe you already have an app or two on your phone for mindfulness and maybe you are already using mindfulness on a regular basis. Or maybe not, you could be a complete beginner and wondering what all the fuss is about.
Either way, there are loads of mindfulness activities and exercises out there to try so whether you are a seasoned mindfulness meditator or an absolute beginner, why not try a mindfulness exercise you have never tried out before?
I have outlined a classic mindfulness exercise for you here, for which you will need one raisin (yes, only one) and 5 – 10 minutes. There are also a number of links below to a veritable smorgasbord of mindfulness activities and exercises to help you get into the spirit of World Mindfulness Day!
Raisin Exercise
Step 1: Acquire your raisin.
Step 2: Hold the raisin in your hand and look at it. What is the shape, the colour, can you see the grooves and texture of your raisin, it is shiny or dull? How does the light catch it? Is it symmetrical or wonky? Really take a good look at it. Examine it as though it were the first raisin you have ever seen.
Step 3: Notice how the raisin feels in your hand. Touch it and explore the way it feels if you move it around in the palm or your hand or feel the texture of it with your fingertips.
Step 4: Smell it. This step probably doesn’t require too much further explanation.
Ok, so now you have really got to know your raisin, you are going to eat it…
WAIT! Don’t just chuck it into your mouth…
Step 5: place the raisin in your mouth without chewing. Feel the texture of it in your mouth. Notice the flavour of it before you have chewed it. Notice the urge to chew.
Step 6: Slowly begin to chew your raisin, noticing the way it feels as you bite into it. Notice the flavour and how the sensations of taste and texture change as you chew.
Step 7: Notice the urge to swallow then allow yourself to swallow the raisin. Notice the sensations as it moves down your throat. Can you still taste it even after you have swallowed it?
Well done, you have mindfully eaten a raisin.
*Important note: other dried fruits are available!
For a heap of other mindfulness exercises, why not take a look at these links:
Happy World Mindfulness Day!
Written by Louise Aaron