Heidi has historically struggled to engage in mainstream services and often found them unhelpful. Depression and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness have often played a large role in Heidi’s life.
Heidi had a difficult past, growing up in Local Authority care, and struggling with illicit drug use. She made a decision that she wanted things to change. She stopped using drugs without the help of any services, and no longer uses drugs as a means to manage her mental health.
Heidi has a lot of life experience and the necessary skills to help others. She decided that she wanted to ‘give back’ to her community and help those who are in the position she was in just a few years ago. A referral to the WY-FI Team was made and she successfully completed a peer mentor course. They were so impressed with Heidi’s progress that they offered her a volunteer’s position, and she now goes out with navigators into homes, to support vulnerable people.
As Heidi’s confidence has grown she has been able to see real progress in herself. For the first time in 25 years, Heidi applied for a job and went to an interview. Although she was not successful this time she hopes that the experience of interviewing will help her next time and was incredibly proud of herself for getting shortlisted – and so she should be too!
She is still working two days a week with WY-FI and is an active member of our Service User Involvement Project groups and review days. Heidi has come a very long way with her recovery, and feels she couldn’t have done it without the ongoing support from Touchstone.