Shafa means “renewal, restoration and healing” in Urdu.

Who is it for?
Shafa works with people form the South Asian community who have offended.

We use a recovery and strengths based approach.

What do we do?
Support people to access local resources, including employment, training, education and housing.

We help people to address family relationship issues and substance misuse.

We will support people to recognise and address their triggers for offending behaviour.

We focus on well being, health, housing, relationships, family, cultural considerations, employment and training.

How do we do it?
We meet with service users to agree a plan and to set the outcomes and pathway that work for them.

Staff use Motivational Interviewing techniques to maximise successful outcomes.

Staff offer a culturally sensitive service.

Work is delivered through a combination of one to one and group work.

Peer mentorship provides the benefit of lived experience.

Workers will always take into account individual circumstances and have an awareness of all risk factors.

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