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We need to give consistent, caring, personalised support to rehabilitate offenders from South Asian communities

A was convicted of a domestic violence offence and ordered to carry out unpaid work and Rehabilitation Requirement Days as part of his Community Order. English was not his first language and the Community Rehabilitation Company referred him to Touchstone’s specialist Shafa service.  Touchstone’s caseworker Ijaz Khan could speak his language and was of the same community.  This enabled A to relax and open-up about his experiences with the Criminal

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Shafa – Understanding and compassion is helping South Asian offenders get back on the right track.

Touchstone’s Shafa project helps BAME offenders to rehabilitate by using skilled case workers with lived experience. Critically they know the language of the offenders and are of the same community. This enables trust to be developed in a way that might be difficult for a Probation Officer, and Shafa provides an invaluable resource for the Probation Service to turn to. Asif (not real name) was convicted of a first time

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Shafa – an invaluable resource available to the probation service

Shafa provides a personal touch and a common language to help South Asian offenders to break the offending cycle. With a high rate of compliance and completion, Shafa is an invaluable resource available to the probation service. Touchstone’s Shafa project works with people of South Asian origin, who have been involved with the Criminal Justice System and helps their Case Managers to gain a better understanding of the their needs.

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