We asked some of the men who come to the Men’s Gym and Swimming Group organised by Touchstone Community Development service the question “How do you beat stress?”. Here’s what they had to say.
“I love swimming, I feel relieved whenever I have the chance to swim. I also find that exercise, eating healthy and watching television helps me beat stress. Volunteering and helping other people gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness, because I find it extremely rewarding.” – Solomon (Touchstone volunteer for the Men’s Gym and Swimming Group)
“The activities which takes my mind off things includes going out for walks, cooking, and reading books. Swimming and going to the gym benefits my health and improves my fitness, I now feel a lot more energetic and refreshed.” – Michael
“I find that keeping myself occupied and carrying out tasks around the house reduces my stress, as this acts as a distraction. As well as this, meeting new people, visiting my friends and swimming helps me clear my mind from the things which are bothering me. It helps me deal with the existing mental tension better.” – Paul