Zumba dance in East Leeds

East Leeds Health for All will be hosting free Zumba classes each Thursday, beginning 16th February. Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, with some great music to keep you moving. Or in short, it's a fun way to get fit. The classes take place at Leeds Refugee Forum, One Community Centre, Cromwell Street, LS9 7SG. For details or to enrol, contact

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How do you beat stress? #MensHealthWeek

We asked some of the men who come to the Men’s Gym and Swimming Group organised by Touchstone Community Development service the question "How do you beat stress?". Here's what they had to say. “I love swimming, I feel relieved whenever I have the chance to swim. I also find that exercise, eating healthy and watching television helps me beat stress. Volunteering and helping other people gives me a sense

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