During 2015–2016 we have continued to deliver free psychological therapy to address anxiety and depression from a wide range of community venues across Leeds. We currently see people from community venues in Harehills, Chapeltown, Armley, Hyde Park, Woodhouse, City Centre, and Beeston.
Touchstone IAPT have offered appointments to 4,052 clients over the year and a total of 2,807 clients have been seen by a Touchstone clinician. We have completed 12,261 appointments over the year across a range of different CBT based interventions, including group based Stress Control and depression recovery seminars.
Touchstone clinicians have carried out 1,645 assessments over the year. These have been face-to-face, with an interpreter, telephone and online assessments.
Of the clients that completed treatment that were referred through the Touchstone direct referral route, 60% reached recovery.
We have taken the lead in delivering a range of psychoeducation classes within the consortium over the last year, including both daytime and evening stress control and depression recovery classes. We have piloted two stress control classes for disadvantaged groups including a BME specific stress control class for Farsi speaking clients and a class for clients engaging with Forward Leeds who are in recovery for substance misuse issues.
We have led on introducing and embedding a new role to Leeds IAPT. We have recruited, inducted and overseen three Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners whose role is to provide an on-site duty function at the Leeds IAPT telephone screening hub to all Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners , as well as offering ongoing support and development through clinical supervision. This role was embedded so successfully that we were able to add a shift coordination aspect to this important role within the first three months of its addition.
We have also led on the introduction of online screening into the screening hub to increase access to people who have difficulty accessing our service between 8am and 7pm on weekdays.
As well as being at the forefront of these positive changes to the wider consortium we continue to provide evening therapy sessions every weekday evening except Friday, Guided Self-help and CBT Therapy every Saturday and continue to provide more sessions with Interpreters than the whole of Leeds IAPT service put together.
Touchstone Annual Review 2015-2016