Vanysha and Adriana from the Mentally Healthy Leeds team use the stress bucket model as a visual aid, to show how we each have limited capacity for everyday stress factors, and that capacity may be different, depending on our life circumstances.
This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (14th-20th May) is focussed on the theme of stress: why it happens, how we deal with it, how we can reduce it.
Mentally Healthy Leeds is a public mental health service which is all about good mental health for everyone in Leeds. Its main aim is to reduce health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing in the communities most at risk of poor mental health.
They engage with services, communities, groups and individuals to identify the needs and respond in effective ways, using a variety of community development approaches including peer support, volunteering, groups and activities as well as awareness-raising activity. They can also offer training to communities and employers.
Mentally Healthy Leeds is funded by Leeds City Council Public Health. It is led by Touchstone and delivered in partnership with Community Links, TCV and Oblong.