Black History Month 2020

1st October 2020|Categories: Black History Month, Blog|

Black History Month is an annual celebration of the contributions and history of people from the African diaspora.  Black History Month started in the United States, where celebrations take place during the month of February, whilst in the UK, BHM is every October. Black History Month was started to showcase

Anti-Stigma Leeds – The Fight Against Mental Health Stigma in Leeds

7th July 2020|Categories: Blog, Community, Depression, Mental Health Awareness Week, Time to Talk|

Mental health problems are common. They affect thousands of people in the UK, and their friends, families, work colleagues, and society in general. In Leeds around 106,000 people experience a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression (Leeds in Mind, 2017). Local hospital admissions for self-harm have been increasing for young

World Blood Donor Day 2020 by Elizabeth Smith

15th June 2020|Categories: Blog|

I am ashamed to admit that it took me many years of saying “I should really donate blood” before taking the plunge and booking myself into a blood donating session, and handing over 1 of my 10 pints of blood in the hope it could save someone else’s life.  I