Sikh Elders Service manager Chani Batebajwe describes the most recent outing organised for users of the service.

SES went out on their annual trip on the 25th June to Whitby via Pickering on a steam train experience. Everyone, all 55 of them, attentively listened to the volunteer guide talking about the history of the railway and the area.
At one time I thought I was going to see us riding on a floating rail track on the basin of collected rain water, reaching far around us. Funny how the imagination takes you to cinemascope dream land !!!!. We certainly saw bog land. I guess you would get sucked in if you attempted to walk on it……
All in all a great day out for the Elders and for almost all this was their first experience of sitting on a steam train over 100 years old. People sticking their heads out of the windows was closest we got to mimicking the Bollywood set !!!
The warm sun rays showering down at Whitby, helped the creaking joints and made an excuse to indulge in ice cream whilst watching the seagulls lazing in air above.
What did our elders say

  • “I got to meet my sisters after a very long time “
  • “We would never have had this experience”
  • “So far the best trip”
  • “I have only few word to say, we felt we were out with our kids”
  • “The station is like some in India”
  • “Got so much to learn about”