Annual Service User Survey 2018 results

‘Amazing….would recommend to everyone’  The above comment from one of our service users as part of Touchstone’s Annual Service User Survey exercise pretty much sums up what the overwhelming majority of service users think of Touchstone. The following headline information reinforces this view: Overall  96% of service user respondents indicated that Touchstone is an excellent to good organisation. Quality of support/service – 92% of respondents indicated they received an excellent

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Listen and Learn – Business Development

As an organisation Touchstone champions the values of inclusion and diversity, co-production, and quality and continuous improvement. As a team, the Business Development team are always looking for ways to discover and support the ideas of all the people we work with, and build relationships and partnerships that lead to better services for communities across Yorkshire that inspire and transform lives. As an individual I am always looking to learn,

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"Always made my day" – the Best Start Peer Support Project

We asked participants in the Best Start peer support programme how they felt on the final day of the course. Here is what they said. “I’m gutted, I wish it went on for longer, everyone has been really friendly, I will miss everyone” “I wish it went on for longer, I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt so much about myself, I feel sad to say goodbye” “I’ve learned a lot

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Best Start Peer Support Project – feedback on each of our sessions

To help us assess the course offered by the Best Start peer support project, we asked participants to give some comments on each week’s content. Week 1 – Dealing with Stress Because now I can recognise when my stress starts, I can practice these exercises to cool down. Useful ways to recognise my stress levels and useful resources to help clam the stress levels down. I think maybe more skills

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Best Start Peer Support Project – what people thought

The Best Start peer support project offers a six week course to support expectant parents and the parents or carers of children under 2 years. To help us evaluate the course and to keep improving it, we always ask participants for their feedback. Here are some recent comments: What did you think of the course content? It taught me so much about myself and my emotional wellbeing. The subjects were

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The 'We' is our service users and they always know what is best. This has been reinforced by what our service users think and say about Touchstone in this years annual service user survey results. The key headlines are: Overall 95% of service user respondents indicated that Touchstone is an excellent to good organisation. Quality of support/service – 94% of respondents indicated they received an excellent to good service in

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Peer Mentor Training

WY-FI runs regular Peer Mentor Training, to encourage people to pass on the benefit of their experience to others who may be struggling with similar circumstances. Using their own knowledge and lived experience of local services and recovery options, WY-FI Peer Mentors support and build up mentoring relationships. Because they’ve been through similar situations to the people they’re working with, they demonstrate that recovery is possible, and therefore can give

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Raat Di Roti – support through sharing

Raat Di Roti is ever increasing to become a popular project where volunteers and matched elderly participants come together in a cosy environment to share stories, laughter, joy, and a meal. We have had positive feedback from a few of the elderly participants and likewise from the volunteers expressing they find the experience so endearing that they have decided to engage in Raat Di Roti on a weekly basis rather

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Cha Da Cup – a weekly drop-in with the Sikh Elders Service

“After my stroke, I have been struggling for a while and my independence has been affected. The Tai Chi Therapy I have had over the last 3 weeks is helping me with my movement, I’m doing this at home every day and look forward to coming to the group every week, getting out of the house, meeting and socialising is helping me.” Cha Da Cup-Monday drop-in at Touchstone Support Centre

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Client feedback from PEP social prescribing service

The Patient Empowerment Project is a social prescribing service commissioned by the West Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group and delivered in partnership between BARCA Leeds, Better Leeds Communities, Mind and Touchstone. The project supports people to take control of their health and wellbeing. Participants are referred by their doctor and are supported to access groups, services and resources in their local community to help them achieve a better life. Following a one

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