The Best Start peer support project offers a six week course to support expectant parents and the parents or carers of children under 2 years.
To help us evaluate the course and to keep improving it, we always ask participants for their feedback. Here are some recent comments:

What did you think of the course content?

  • It taught me so much about myself and my emotional wellbeing. The subjects were really to the point and informative.  It was a meeting of minds talking about “real” things we struggle with as a parent. It was facilitated in such a way it was easy to follow, engage with and feel comfortable.
  • I enjoyed each individual session. I liked the way each session was prepared with the outline stated in the course booklet.  As well as the notes from the session.
  • Gave me lots of ideas, new ways of relating with friends and family. Have more understanding of where to go for support.  Good to talk to the health visitor.

What did you like or dislike about the way it was delivered?

  • It was a very safe secure atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and approachable.  I felt confident to share things with the group.
  • I enjoy everything.
  • I enjoyed the session but would have preferred longer – ideally full days.

Were the handouts useful?

  • Lots of contacts info, so potentially useful in the future.
  • Yes, about different subjects and worries you might have.
  • They were really helpful, but I feel there could be more techniques in handling stress or mindfulness scripts etc. Also info on handling stressful situations etc.

What did you think of the homework? Did you do it?

  • Excellent, good way to reflect. Maybe add an opportunity to discuss our reflections with the tutor.
  • Good idea to find out more information.
  • I did a few sessions of homework, but found it hard to get it done with family life. But I feel I can go back and do the homework at a later time.

Did any session bring up difficult feelings for you?

  • I found one week difficult due to own self belief and confidence. I was able to step outside and the worker helped me to deal with my thoughts.
  • Some sessions brought up memories of situations to think about.
  • It did more than once, but I think it was handled very well and appropriately. It was discreet which I liked.

Was there anything else that was useful to you? Did anything you learned surprise you?

  • How to recognise my stress and new ways of dealing with it. Breathing exercise.
  • Talking to others with similar anxiety or stress issues has really helped me. This really surprised me.  The handouts with organisation contacts are really helpful too.
  • When the Health Visitor came in, it was helpful. I found out more about their role as well as specific help for my situation.

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