SES on the "orient Express"

Sikh Elders Service manager Chani Batebajwe describes the most recent outing organised for users of the service. SES went out on their annual trip on the 25th June to Whitby via Pickering on a steam train experience. Everyone, all 55 of them, attentively listened to the volunteer guide talking about the history of the railway and the area. At one time I thought I was going to see us riding on

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A big thumbs up from our service users

On an annual basis questionnaires are sent out to service users in order to ascertain their views/opinions about Touchstone and the service they have received.  The feedback and views of service users plays a key role in identifying best practice, areas for improvement and informing our approach to delivering quality outcomes and continuous improvement. During early summer questionnaires were sent out to a total of 1498 Service users. The key headline

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What the numbers say about Touchstone?

Annual Information Report 2015/16  Often service users come up to me describing what great services Touchstone provides. This always brings a big smile to my face.  However I also recognise such comments may be subjective in nature. Certainly nothing wrong with this as feedback from service users provides a very useful insight into whether we are providing a quality service. By adding data and intelligence to the mix you will

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Feedback from the Sadee Smile diabetes awareness course

Here’s some of the feedback we got from participants on our Sadee Smile diabetes awareness courses aimed at the South Asian communities in Leeds. All the clients referred to below are Pakistani adults, aged 45-60 with either Type II Diabetes or Prediabetes. The clients with Diabetes were either taking medication or aiming to control the condition through diet. People said that they chose to attend the course in order to

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Positive Care Programme: "it’s given me hope in my future, and has improved my everyday life"

I have participated in the Touchstone Positive Care Programme for the past 5 months. This amazing course combines 1 to 1 complementary therapy (e.g. reflexology, acupuncture, shiatsu, Indian head massage, healing) group activity (e.g. tai chi, meditation, Alexander technique, breathing) and group workshops (e.g. "lifting your spirits", "positive steps", "being friends with your body", "mind, body and spirit"). I had been going regularly to the Thursday night session at the

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