The Touchstone IAPT team have been fortunate to share our offices with the work of Alisia Casper this Summer and Autumn. Alisia is a Leeds based artist who draws on her experiences of long term health conditions (including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia) when making drawings, paintings, photography, writing and music. As we have begun offering new online treatments for people living with diabetes, heart and lung conditions her work

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Healthy Eating

For BNF Healthy Eating Week, Touchstone trustee Julie Laxton offers some guidance on how to look after ourselves by choosing what we eat. Healthy eating sounds really boring, but it will help you to keep well and feel better. It can prevent some diseases in the future for example, heart disease and diabetes. What is a well balanced diet? This means eating the right foods for your body to grow,

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Free courses for people with Type 2 Diabetes

BDPL (BME Diabetes Programme Leeds) Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Join our course to learn how to manage and take control of your diabetes. Learn in Urdu, Punjabi and English with your own community. Free Structured 8 week diabetes education for Black , Minority & Ethnic communities. This course will increase your knowledge, skills & confidence to better self manage your diabetes. Small changes with a big difference. Diabetic

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World Diabetes Day

Naseem Tariq (manager of Touchstone's Long Term Condition and Diabetes Programme), speaks about World Diabetes Day, and ways to manage or avoid the condition: Today is World Diabetes Day, which has grown every year to become a globally-celebrated event to increase awareness about diabetes. It is proving effective in spreading the message about diabetes and raising awareness for the condition. The theme of World Diabetes Day, from 2014 to 2016 will

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Sadee Smile success

Touchstone has been successful in securing funding from Leeds City Council Public Health to run the BME type-2 diabetes project, Sadee Smile, for another two years. This will build on the successes of our Sadee Smile pilot,. We will continue to work with Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust to deliver this project. Touchstone’s multi- lingual team of staff will deliver a series of structured 8 week education programmes, which we

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Evaluation of community diabetes course

Seeking to improve diabetes awareness in the South Asian community (where the condition is particularly prevalent), Touchstone joined in partnership with Leeds Community Health NHS Trust to deliver Sadee Smile - an 8 week course to help people understand and manage the condition. 11 courses were run in a variety of venues around Leeds, by staff who were able to communicate with participants in their native languages. When the course

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Feedback from the Sadee Smile diabetes awareness course

Here’s some of the feedback we got from participants on our Sadee Smile diabetes awareness courses aimed at the South Asian communities in Leeds. All the clients referred to below are Pakistani adults, aged 45-60 with either Type II Diabetes or Prediabetes. The clients with Diabetes were either taking medication or aiming to control the condition through diet. People said that they chose to attend the course in order to

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