Annual Information Report 2015/16

 Often service users come up to me describing what great services Touchstone provides. This always brings a big smile to my face.  However I also recognise such comments may be subjective in nature. Certainly nothing wrong with this as feedback from service users provides a very useful insight into whether we are providing a quality service. By adding data and intelligence to the mix you will get a much fuller picture that validates the feedback of service users. Therefore annually an opportunity is taken to capture and analyse as much data and information as possible to produce Touchstone’s Annual Information Report.  This year’s headlines include:

  • On 31 March 2016 there were over 1000 live service users accessing Touchstone services. This suggests that on any given day we have over 1000 live service users across Touchstone.
  • Compared to 2014/15 there was an approximate quarter increase in service users being referred and receiving a service. Over 1,600 referrals made in 2015/16.
  • Just under half of Touchstone’s service users (47%) come from BME backgrounds. In terms of referrals compared to last year there has been a significant increase from 38% to 45% in BME service user referrals.
  • The percentages of service users defining themselves as bisexual, gay or lesbian is 3% (compared to 2% last year). NB: This figure is unlikely to be representative of the proportion in the general population.
  • All Touchstone services have a percentage BME service user profile that is above the 2011 Census baseline.
  • Generally women and men experience similar service outcomes. However men are slightly less likely to have a planned outcome compared to women.
  • Waiting times to get seen and receive a service have reduced.
  • ‘Outcome Star’ data, evidence suggests that we have succeeded in helping service users to improve their lives across all service outcome indicators.
  • Planned outcomes (departures) have increased compared to the previous year from 78% to 84%. The overwhelming majority of service users (84%) successfully completed their programme of support.

 Further information about the Annual Information Report please contact Arfan Hanif Operations Director (Quality & Performance).