National probation case

I was charged by the Parole Board to make enquiries of my client’s wife. My client is a Lifer – following a domestic murder of a female partner.
Ijaz (Shafa staff member) had a good understanding of the family, and of my task, in relation to the information sought by the Parole Board, who will ultimately make a decision to release my client, or not. Ijaz was engaging and interested, which helped, given the sensitivity of the meeting and the objectives we sought to achieve. In addition, although the client’s wife appreciates that we consider her to be the person most at risk from my client, she is confident that the circumstances surrounding the murder, are not evident in their relationship and, as a result of Shafa’s involvement, she feels adequately informed and supported by the various services involved and the family.
– Gail Wilson, Probation Officer

After prison

Having been in extreme financial difficulty along with other external factors and pressures, MM finally snapped one day and committed an offence of Assault & Battery and was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and given a 12 month Community Order.
Upon his release MM approached various organisations for help to get his life back on track but his difficulty with the English language and frustrated behaviour was seen as a threat and he was refused by various agencies.
MM was referred to the Shafa project and within the first session openly disclosed his situation as he felt he could do as we seemed approachable and understanding.
As a result of Shafa’s involvement and support, MM had his benefits reinstated, he registered with a new medical practice, the Council and other utility providers were also contacted to put in place arrangements to help with arrears.
As a direct result of Shafa involvement, MM is now in a better place financially, emotionally and physically and is complying with his Order.