Over the last year, the Support Centre has been busy implementing a new service model which includes: more peer-led social groups and popup
groups; volunteers supporting different groups – such as the Women’s Group – Men’s Group and Social Group. Contributions from five Social Work students who have been on placement from Bradford University have also helped to support the change required to deliver a service that is sustainable and continues to meet the diverse needs of our service users.
The new model very much reflects the Support Centre’s values in promoting wellbeing and recovery with our BME Peer Support Champion leading on the Wellbeing Group to support service users experiencing anxiety when in larger groups. The Support Centre continues to deliver an excellent service despite the continuously challenging financial environment. We are pleased to see our hard work recognised with the Support Centre receiving the award for Best Team Innovation voted by representatives of the Service User Involvement Forum News 4 You.
Service users have been involved with embedding the new model by attending bi-monthly consultation meetings. All activities are planned, designed and developed in collaboration with service users. We continue to work in partnership with other agencies and family members to promote independence, social inclusion and recovery.

  • 67 referrals made from April 2015–March 2016
  • 35 service users in one-to-one case management at the end of March 2016
  • 87 service users attended one or more groups at Support Centre during the year
  • 93% of service users rated their support excellent to good
  • 93% reported that we are excellent to good at service user involvement
  • 95% of service users rated us excellent to good in terms of how easy it is to get hold of staff

“Before becoming a volunteer at the support centre, I didn’t work or have any qualifications. Now with increased confidence I am hoping to go to university. I feel volunteering has helped me in various ways and would encourage anybody who has time to volunteer as it benefits and changes you and the service user’s life.”
“Meeting with the student was the best thing that happened to me. I realise I am worth it and I’ve got a lot to live for and I will beat my illness. She is a good person and she’s helped me a lot.”
Touchstone Annual Review 2015-2016