As a child I experienced trauma which affects my mental health today. I did not acknowledge the impact this trauma had had on my life and I tried to ignore the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and occasional panic attacks I sometimes experienced.  As I got older, the anxiety and panic attacks increased and eventually, I had to face my demons and deal with the things that were affecting my mental health.

Touchstone paid for me to access coaching, which was right for me at that time and I was able to understand the source of my mental health problems and also take some control back by putting in place things to keep me well.  These things are small, but effective.

  • I sing in the shower every morning. This releases endorphins and makes me feel happy.
  • I watch silly things to make me laugh on the TV – like “I’m a Celebrity” – especially during the winter months when I realise I feel more sad than usual.
  • I cuddle my grandchild as often as I can. The contact makes me feel warm and happy and I know she loves me back!
  • I talk to my friends – I feel safe with them and I can be outrageous!
  • I read a good book
  • I watch a film that will make me either really laugh or really cry, depending on what I need that day.
  • I don’t stand by when I see injustice happen and I always stand up for what I believe – I know I will feel bad if I don’t and my mental health will be worse.
  • I talk about my mental health often. This helps me to keep it under control so it doesn’t control me.