Disability Awareness

Insight Report: Disability During The Pandemic

Mentally Healthy Leeds, a Touchstone service, have undertaken research into Disability In the Pandemic, asking "How has the pandemic specifically affected the lives and mental health of disabled people in Leeds?" Read on to find out more... This report looks into how disabled people have been particularly affected by the pandemic. We used a survey method to identify ways in which COVID and the policies and precautions associated with

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Lived Experiences of Hypermobile Spectrum disorder and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

This blog is written by: Marion Holloway (she/her) who has hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and autism; and Ruth Armitage (they/them) who has hypermobile spectrum disorder and dyspraxia. Marion and Ruth both work in the LMWS Inclusion Team at Touchstone. What is hypermobile spectrum disorder? A hypermobile joint extends beyond the typical range of movement.  In some people this is not a problem, in others it causes problematic symptoms such as

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