Insight Report: Bereavement And Loss During The Pandemic And Beyond

In 2021 and 2022, Mentally Healthy Leeds carried out community research into bereavement and loss during the pandemic. The below insight report is the outcome of this research. To gather these insights, Touchstone worked with local organisations, including HOPE Bereavement Services and Leeds Bereavement Forum, to understand how the process of grief was affected by COVID restrictions, and capture the experiences of people in Leeds. Our research shows that

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Grief Awareness Day: I Miss my Cat more than my Grandfather

Today is Grief Awareness Day, a day mostly marked in the US but recognised and observed by some in the UK and elsewhere too. Quenby, Community Health Development Analyst at Mentally Healthy Leeds, has taken this opportunity to raise awareness around the complexity of grief and the need to make room for this in person-centred care. I’ve been thinking a lot about grief over the past year. I’ve spent

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