Leeds Census 2011 – Another update from the CDWs

After the enormous success of our last post analysing the 2011 Leeds Census Arfan Hanif  from the Community Development team has crunched yet more data to explain the ethnic makeup of each electoral ward in Leeds. This kind of information is really important for local services trying to work out who lives on their doorstep, so they can reach out and engage them effectively. As usual, you should feel free to

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Feeling Uplifted – A report into the Social Return On Investment of Kirklees Advocacy Service

In late Summer 2013 we completed a Social Return on Investment exercise on the Kirklees Advocacy Service. We wanted to find out the wider effect the Advocacy Service has had on the people who use it, the people who refer to it and the wider community as a whole. Social Return on Investment exercises can sometimes seem a bit complicated, but essentially, they are an attempt to give a financial

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Refugee Mental Health – Action Research Final Report

Touchstone and PAFRAS collaborated on action research project last year, looking at the mental health needs and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds. We are proud to publish the final report - which contains the findings and actions of the action learning sets, and priorities for action, based on analysis of lived experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds. The findings, conclusions and recommendations for action can

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Touchstone Community Development Analyse the 2011 Census

The Census took place on 27 March 2011 with a response rate of 94%. The first released data was published on 11 December 2012 by the Office of National Statistics. The BME Community Development Team at Touchstone have published this brief analysis of local Census data related to ethnicity, religion and faith to help you make sense of the bigger picture.  Please feel free to use this information wherever you wish. You don't need

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Self-care success in Leeds

Around 18 million people in the UK live with a long-term conditions and this number is expected to double by 2030. Within Leeds over the past 8 years we have developed a unique intervention designed to empower people living with long-term conditions to lead more fulfilling lives.  The Positive Care programme offers a unique mix of therapies, workshops and replicable self-management tools which enable participants to take control of their

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Speak to a Therapist Sooner?

Touchstone is part of the Leeds IAPT and Primary Care Mental Health Service - the service which delivers talking therapies to people across Leeds. We know that psychological therapy can help many people, but we do not help people as soon as we would like. When people contact us for the first time, we would like to offer the choice of speaking to a therapist for a telephone assessment on the same

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Refugee and asylum seeker action research project

We are delighted to announce that the Action Research project “Understanding refugees’ and asylum seekers’ (RAS) experiences of accessing and receiving Mental Health support in Leeds” has started on 26th September 2011. The objective of this project is to explore and develop understanding on what successful MH work looks like with RAS clients inside and outside mental health services inLeeds. We hope to support the improvement of MH services by

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