Self-proclaimed Christmas lover and CBT Therapist Nicole C has taken time to write a very important and moving reflection about the festive period and the potential effect on mental health.
As somebody who loves Christmas and the whole festive season it is important to be reminded that not everyone feels this way. I wanted to write something about how Christmas may be a difficult time for some people and how this could affect their mental health. Then I found this blog talking from someone’s personal experience. This really helped me to see this from a different perspective and how the pressure of Christmas can make people feel worse:
There is so much that could influence a person’s mental health over the Christmas period. The pressure to live up the expectations portrayed on TV and social media, a huge change in routine, over indulging in food and drink.  It may be the most wonderful time of the year for some people but it also might be helpful to consider ways to cope with what can be a potentially very stressful time of year. Below is a link to some really useful suggestions