Asalamu Alaikum everyone.

I’ve compiled a few recipes and ideas for Ramadan to raise awareness about eating dishes that are healthy, ethical, wholesome, vegetarian, very tasty and also that can be made from seasonal and local sources with an added benefit of zero waste. It’s often thought that vegetarian food is not tasty and fulfilling, but the use of spices and herbs changes that idea. A very basic food like potatoes can be sautéed in olive oil with cumin seeds salt and chili flakes.

All the recipes are some of my family’s favourite dishes and have been tried and tested over the years. I’ve been cooking these the last couple of weeks so most of the pictures are original. The dishes I have compiled are based on the foods mentioned in the Quran and sunnah. I personally get great satisfaction from cooking and baking and therefore I hope to share this so you too will enjoy and find much benefit from it also inshallah.

Ellen Rabia

Click the link below to download the Healthy Ramadan Cookery Book

Healthy Ramadan Cookery Book