Following recent shows at the Horsforth Walk of Art and Love Arts Festival,  Leeds artist Helen Gibson – professionally known as The Perky Painter –  is taking her first solo exhibition on tour to Touchstone IAPT.
The exhibition’s title, It’s OK not to be Perky, reminds us it’s OK not to be OK and that we can share these feelings. Art helps Helen communicate her experiences. She says:  “I use painting to express and deal with my feelings, I’d be lost without my outlet.” The paintings explore Helen’s own feelings of connection and disconnection to life around her through intersecting, overlapping forms, merging together, being both isolated and joined by strong lines.
Bold colours and a variety of textures describe these entangled forms as they collide and connect on the canvas. Where they overlap, a new colour and texture is created, highlighting these connections and their positive impact.  Through the series, this connection grows as the forms become even more entwined and indistinguishable.
“The world can be a strange and confusing place so we have to remember that we’re not alone,” she says.
About the artist
The Perky Painter is the passion and heart of indie artist Helen Gibson. Helen creates bright, spirited artwork, inspired by looking and seeing beyond the norm into a world of colour, texture and personality. Known for her happy art, The Perky Painter can be seen regularly brightening up the streets of Leeds as part of the well-established Artsmix Artisan Market on Albion Place every Saturday throughout November and December.
Find out more at and follow her @ThePerkyPainter on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.
Written by Geraldine Montgomerie-Greenwood