Men’s Health Unlocked network are excited to announce the publication of their report, 21st Century Man: A Study into Modern Masculinity, and their launch of complementary mural and street art across Leeds.

This report and artwork, including a mural by Burley Bansky and five other street art pieces, are a result of the network’s consultation with over 700 men in Leeds on the subject of masculinity in the 21st Century. They reflect men’s responses to questions on positive masculinity, modern masculine identity, and what they find challenging about being a man in the 21st Century. They aim to share these responses with people of all genders across the city and encourage us to think afresh about the issues facing men in the modern day. The report and street art will be officially launched on 17th January 2024.

The Men’s Health Unlocked network started during 2020 when Forum Central, Touchstone, Orion and Barca came together to create a network for all the great men’s work happening in and around Leeds. Since then, they have delivered a range of services and projects, aimed at improving men’s health in the city and creating strategic systems change around issues facing men. Their most recent 18 month service included the delivery of the 21st Century Man project, led by Touchstone and Humans Being.

Joe Kemp, 21st Century Man Project Lead, says:
“This project has been so much fun to run, it’s provided us with an invaluable insight into what men are really thinking, away from any divisive framing of issues. It’s been reassuring and inspiring to hear which qualities the men of Leeds identify with, as these often run counter to the tired old image of what a man ‘should’ be. We hope the report and art continue to encourage people to have open conversations around modern-day masculinity and men’s health.”

Damian Dawtry, Coordinator of Men’s Health Unlocked, says:
“We hear a lot about what men are like, and what they should be, so we wanted to hear from men themselves about the positive aspects and aspirations of being a man. Touchstone and Humans Being have done a brilliant job, with a very small team, of meeting men in all corners of the city, from railway stations to college campuses to community centres. We’ve ended up with a rich resource for Leeds and beyond of which we are very proud, and hope that this engaging work inspires and enlightens all genders who catch sight of it.”

You are very welcome to join us at the launch, which will include a street art trail around the city. Here is the team’s route: 

  •  1:00pm – Meet next to the toilet block in Leeds Market – Unveiling of the new mural – have your say, give us some feedback
  • 1:30 pm – Short walk to visit the 5 street paintings

You can also download the report and teaching notes in advance below: 

We look forward to celebrating the project’s work together and hope the artwork continues to generate conversations about positive forms of masculinity for years to come.

For further information, including if you would like to come along as a member of the press, please get in touch with: