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Peter's Story – Touchstone's longest standing service user

As Touchstone’s longest standing service user, Peter (who turns 79 this year) agreed to speak to me about his background and how he first came to access our services in Leeds. Following a minor offence as a teenager, Peter found himself having to spend three years at an approved school in Todmorden. Life here was tough, and it was during his third year at the school that Peter attempted to take his own life. (Until 1969 approved schools were institutions modelled on

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Self Directed Support annual review

SDS provides individuals with person-centred one-to-one specialist mental health support. Support is tailored, flexible and recovery focused. Support is delivered by experienced Mental Health Support Workers; we aim to deliver a culturally sensitive service which meets the needs of the communities in Leeds. We currently have a staff team of 12, working across the city, 7 days per week. We recently introduced a volunteer to the team who will further enhance the current support being offered and provide additional opportunities for our service

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Sikh Elders Service annual review

This has been another successful year for the Sikh Elders Service with growing numbers of elders joining in regular activities and trips. The service continues to advocate on behalf of elders via one-to-one support in accessing statutory services to enable them to live independently. Despite the challenging financial environment we are always actively looking for new growth opportunities to make the service sustainable. Our membership has grown by 200% over the last two years and we circulate 300 newsletters every quarter to our elders

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Shafa annual review

A Touchstone Service for the Rehabilitation of South Asian Offenders working together with the National Probation Service and the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC). What is Shafa? Shafa is a newly formed Touchstone project working across the whole of West Yorkshire. Shafa means renewal, restoration and healing in Urdu. Touchstone’s approach is to work with people who have offended from the South Asian community based on a recovery and strengths-based approach. Skilled and experienced staff will work with South Asian people who have committed

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Shafa case studies

National probation case I was charged by the Parole Board to make enquiries of my client’s wife. My client is a Lifer – following a domestic murder of a female partner. Ijaz (Shafa staff member) had a good understanding of the family, and of my task, in relation to the information sought by the Parole Board, who will ultimately make a decision to release my client, or not. Ijaz was engaging and interested, which helped, given the sensitivity of the

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Community Support Team (CST) annual review

CST is an assertive outreach service, working with people over 18 who have complex mental health conditions who are excluded from other services or unable to access other services. CST work with service users primarily on a one-to-one basis. CST use a strengths-based recovery approach, which is a person-centred model with a focus on finding the strengths and interests of service users and working positively towards service user-set goals. There are some groups available to CST service users, run in conjunction with different partners, e.g.

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Community Support Team case study

Heidi has historically struggled to engage in mainstream services and often found them unhelpful. Depression and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness have often played a large role in Heidi’s life. Heidi had a difficult past, growing up in Local Authority care, and struggling with illicit drug use. She made a decision that she wanted things to change. She stopped using drugs without the help of any services, and no longer uses drugs as a means to manage her mental health. Heidi has a

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Dosti case study

Previously divorced with children Ms. B had managed to maintain a good standard of living in that she had made a beautiful home. She felt lonely and thought she would never find a partner who would be with a divorcee with children. So when she met her second husband it made her feel that she had found the right man. Soon after marrying, her new partner began placing demands on her such as expecting her to pay off debts. His behaviour

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Kirklees Peer Led Brokerage Service annual review

The Peer Led Brokerage Service offers free, independent advice and practical help with putting together Self Directed Support (SDS) packages for individuals, which are funded by their direct payment personal budget from Kirklees Council. PBS is designed and delivered by people with experience of mental health difficulties and mental health services. We help people to choose the kind of support they want and to work out what’s best for them and their recovery. During the past 12 months we have worked with a total

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BME Dementia Service case study

A woman in her 70s approached the dementia worker following a talk at a local women’s group, sharing her concerns of having similar symptoms for the last few months. She was advised to contact her GP and advised to ask for a memory test if she felt that her memory loss was not a part of her normal ageing process. As well as contact details for the BME Dementia Service, she was also given a fact sheet on ‘How the GP

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